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What makes Pacific Friends School special
  • Our goal is to instill in
    young children the“love of learning.”

    We believe that by inspiring children through interactive, hands-on curriculum they are much more engaged and excited about their own education.

    In addition to the research-based developmental curriculum we utilize the mature, natural environment to nurture each child’s imagination, character and growth.  Through exploration of their natural world they develop a desire to expand their education and experience challenges.

    With a child’s innocent curiosity, and a craving to explore, we open the door to knowledge.
  • Pacific Friends School is a developmental pre-school for young children 2 to 5 years of age

    We also offer a Before and After school program and summer camp for children Kindergarten through 12 years of age.
    Our Pre-School Program
    Before & After Care
    Summer Camp Program
  • PFS is unlike any other school in the valley

    Our campus is 2 beautiful acres of sun and fun!

  • Pacific Friends School is a setting for parents who desire a natural, stress free environment for their children to enjoy, learn and simply be a child.  With enticing curriculum, loving, educated and experienced teachers in conjunction with a beautiful, natural environment we feed a child’s curiosity with challenging, interactive experiences.

    Pacific Friends School
    has been in Temple City Since 1942

  • It began as a Quaker elementary school back when Temple City was unincorporated and surrounded by farmland with orange groves.  In the 80’s the school closed down to remodel, update, and re-license as an early childhood facility and a Before and After school program for elementary school children.  

    The Pacific Ackworth Friends School Foundation has owned and operated the school over the decades.  With resilience and fortitude the school has lasted through many challenges and changes over the years.  Holding steadfast to the values of the Quakers schools, Pacific Friends School had become a tried and true pinnacle of the Temple City community.

  • Healthy Food Choices

    We make food that children love to eat
  • We really try to offer snacks and meals that your child will like, but keep it on the healthy side. Examples of typical snacks are as follows:


    • Cereal with milk and fruit
    • Nutri-Grain bars and drinks
    • Bagels and cream cheese with drinks
    • Muffins or waffles with drinks


    • Fruit salad and crackers
    • Cheese sticks and drinks
    • GoGurts, animal crackers
    • Graham crackers and drink
  • We spend a lot of time and effort making sure we make food that they will eat!

  • The Quakers beliefs are rooted in core values which are the center of the developmental program Pacific Friends School offers to each and every child.


    • Emphasis on Love and Reason

      By working together with peers, children learn about empathy and to cooperatively use logic and understanding to accomplish goals

    • Feel Connected to the Natural World

      Children build a connection to a natural environment with a hands-on experience which includes earth, trees, wildlife and farm animals.

    • Move Their Bodies Competently

      By challenging themselves to learn new abilities by taking risks. Children learn what their bodies are capable of physically.

    • Resolve Interpersonal Conflicts Peacefully

      Learning the foundations of conflict resolution through peer, teacher and parent interactions.

    • Solve Problems Creatively

      By learning to think “outside the box,” children are introduced to curriculum fostering brain-storming and strategy.

    • Be Happy With One's Self

      Self esteem is gained through children’s awareness of their own abilities to accomplish tasks on their own.

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